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13. September 2019:
ArcticTape for low processing temperatures

Sealing adhesive tape for particularly low processing temperatures

The ArcticTape was developed to perform insulation work on pitched roofs even at very low temperatures.
It can be applied at -20 °C (-4 °F) and is temperature resistant down to -30 °C (-22 °F).
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06. Juny 2019:
Visit us at FOAM EXPO Europe

Foam Expo Europe, Stuttgart 2019

As a manufacturer of foam adhesive tapes, we will be represented at the Foam Expo in Stuttgart from 10 to 12 September 2019 and will be presenting our versatile foam tapes, transfer tapes and manufacturing options.
Foam Expo is Europe's largest free-to-attend trade fair for the manufacturers and buyers of technical foam products and technologies, as well as the entire foam supply chain.
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18. December 2018:
Vapor barrier adhesive tape made of hand-tearable film

Hand-tearable film sealing tapes for vapour barrier membranes

Our sealing tape for vapor barrier membranes 98610/E/ has an LDPE carrier film which can be easily separated by hand.
The adhesive tape is equipped with a special, double-sided serrated edge, which makes it even easier to tear the backing material during processing. There is no need for knives or tear-off tools.

Archive Reports:

11. Oct 2018:
HighTalent | Solvent-free Mounting Tapes

The HighTalent product range is based on a newly developed, solvent-free high-performance adhesive that meets all the essential requirements for a hard-wearing mounting tape. The high initial and final adhesive strength, as well as reliable adhesion to low-energy surfaces, make it suitable for all classic applications in the bonding of plastic, wood and rubber profiles, scales, panels, signs, displays, strips, (heavy) decorative parts, foams, felts or aluminium sheets.

Newly developed solvent-free mounting tapes

25. Sep 2018:
Self-adhesive sealing compound with shortened drying time

Our sealing compound "SealingTube" is now available with a new formulation. The drying time has been shortened for even faster processing. "SealingTube" is mainly used to connect airtight membranes to solid components. The solvent-free sealing compound can already be processed at -10 °C and is odourless after curing.

Sealing compound on masonry for bonding vapour barrier sheets

23. Apr 2018:
Tapes for Hook and Loop Fasteners

Hook & loop systems combined with transfer tapes are clever solutions for many consumer and industrial applications. This special adhesive offers high initial tack and cohesion values for a secure bond to plastics. The composite of hook & loop and 3F transfer adhesive tape was tested for its fire resistance in accordance with FMVSS 302 and approved. This makes it ideal for use in motor vehicles, for example; to fix wiring harnesses, interior trim, seat covers, carpet coverings or insulation mats.

Hook and Loop, self-adhesive

12. Jan 2018:
Secure locking of Tyvek® Wristbands

Tyvek® is widely used for its excellent properties. The lightweight, recyclable and tear-resistant material is also used as an event bracelet and requires a particularly secure and durable adhesive seal. We offer the right transfer tape – a high-performance adhesive with high initial and final tack, as well as good temperature resistance. In combination with Tyvek® it forms a perfect connection.

Tyvek® Wristbands with transfer tape fastener

19. Sep 2017:
Secure bonding of Vignettes and Seals

3F manufactures special transfer adhesive tapes for the selfadhesive finishing of motorway vignettes, various test badges, security labels or seals. The adhesive systems used here ensure reliable adhesion to many materials even under direct UV radiation and unfavorable weather conditions.

Bonding of motorway vignettes and TÜV seals

23. Mar 2017:
3F at the ICE 2017 in Munich

At the beginning of the third day of ICE 2017 in Munich, the success for us already stands out. We were able to welcome numerous interested parties from a wide range of industries. We are very pleased with the great demand on our stand and are looking forward to expanding our national and international business with many new partners.

22. Feb 2016:
Completion of new production hall

At the end of 2015 the construction of our new production hall was completed. On the area of over 3,200 m² new machines have already been taken into operation and we also created new storage space. The new hall is mainly used for converting of our adhesive tape products and makes us respond still more quickly and flexibly.

18. Jun 2015:
Construction of new production hall

In mid-June, we began with the extension of our production area. Because of the strong growth in recent years a new production hall was required. It expands the total production area in Germany to more than 15,000 m². The project is to be completed at the end of 2015.

10. Mar 2015:
ICE Europe: successful trade show debut

3F exhibited at the 9th ICE Europe (International Converting Exhibition) in Munich, the leading international trade show for the converting industry. Various transfer and double-sided tape products, as well as processing options including log rolls and cross-wound spools with finger-lift, were all on display at the 40 m² booth.

28. Mar 2014:
New Product Launch: adhesive, processible at -10 °C

We have extended our product range, by offering a new solvent free acrylic adhesive. We specifically focused on improved application performance during humid and cold weather conditions. The new adhesive can be applied at working-temperatures as low as -10 °C (14 °F). This product is particularly suitable for construction applications due to its high cohesion values. This new adhesive system will be an available option for most of our tape products. Please read the relevant press release in the trade journal C2. You can learn more at Tape Solutions, regarding example applications of our new adhesive system.

20. Feb 2013:
New Coating line is operational

Our new high performance coating line is capable of coating various materials with high-performance adhesives and significantly increases our production capacity. This new coating line has a length of more than 70 m and is specifically designed to handle high coating weights, for example sealing tapes for steep roofs.

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Coating Machine for the production of adhesive tapes

Did you know that we can produce particularly thick adhesive films on coating systems with a length of more than 70 meters?

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