Product Range:
Comprehensive Tape Variety.

Products & Converting Capabilities

Check out the following overview for a first impression of our production and converting options. Many of the individual commodity items can also be combined in a modular format.
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adhesive tape rolls, double-sided self-adhesive

Transfer tapes, double-sided tapes

  • Transfer tapes
  • Tapes with scrims
  • Rayon fabric tapes
  • Film tapes
  • Tissue paper tapes

Various release liners:

  • Silicone-coated papers/films in different grammages/thicknesses and colors
self-adhesive foam tapes

Foam tapes, self-adhesive on one or both sides

  • Foam tapes made of PE, PU, PVC and cellular rubber in various thicknesses and colors
  • PE foam tapes for the mounting of mirrors, profiles, price rails, decorative strips or ornaments
Vapour barrier tapes for pitched roofs

Tapes for energetic building sealing

  • Vapor barrier tapes for indoor and outdoor use
  • Sealing tapes for roof and façade membranes
  • Complementary products, e.g. self-adhesive sealing compounds or sprayable primers
self-adhesive material web coated in contract work

Contract manufacturing

  • Contract PSA coating and converting of various materials, including textiles, films, technical fabrics, nonwovens, felts
  • Contract coating of insulating nonwovens for the automotive industry
Adhesive tape, cartridge and cardboard in private-label-design

Private label tapes and packaging

  • Printed carrier materials and cores
  • Individual cardboard boxes and packaging
  • Sealant cartridges and primer spray cans with own design
Double-sided mounting tapes

Solvent-free mounting tapes

  • Durable high-performance adhesive
  • Excellent water, weather and chemical resistance
  • Available with different carrier materials and release liners
Bonding of a carpet with adhesive tape

Adhesive tapes for carpets and floor coverings

  • Permanent adhesive, removable and one-sided removable carpet tapes
  • Light adhesive laying grids made of glass fiber fabric
  • Baseboard adhesive tapes for smooth and rough wall surfaces

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