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Comprehensive Tape Variety.

Products & Converting Capabilities

Check out the following overview for a first impression of our production and converting options. Many of the individual commodity items can also be combined in a modular format.
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Transfer & double-sided adhesive tapes

Without carrier and scrim reinforced:

  • Transfer tapes
  • Adhesive tapes with polyester scrim

With carrier:

  • Fabric adhesive tapes
  • Film adhesive tapes (PP, PE, PETP etc.)
  • Tissue paper adhesive tapes

With various release liner:

  • Silicone-coated papers with various gram weights, colors and graduations
  • Silicone-coated films with various gram weights, colors and graduations

Foam adhesive tapes, single- and double-sided self-adhesive

  • PE foams (polyethylene) in various thicknesses, colors and densities
  • PU foams (polyurethane) in various thicknesses and colors
  • PVC foams (polyvinyl chloride) in various thicknesses
  • Cellular rubber (NR, EPDM and CR) in various thicknesses

Adhesive tapes with special carriers

  • Sealing tapes with various functional carrier materials according to German EnEV and DIN 4108/11
  • Aluminum and copper film adhesive tapes
  • Self-adhesive felts

Contract coating

  • Coating and converting of various materials
  • Coating of textile fabrics, various films, technical fabrics, non-wovens, felts, etc.
  • Coating of absorbent non-wovens for automobile industry
  • Contract coatings according to customer requirement

Coating options

Acrylic dispersions:

  • Max. coating width: 1,550 mm untrimmed, 1,500 mm trimmed
  • Max. coating weight: ca. 750 g/m²

Hotmelt adhesives:

  • Max. coating width: 1,250 mm untrimmed, 1,220 mm trimmed
  • Max. coating weight: ca. 200 g/m²

Converting options

  • Converting of long rolls into short rolls, starting from 5 m up to an outer diameter of 1,200 mm
  • Cross-wound spools, material-dependent up to a length of 12,000 m
  • Cut rolls starting from 5 mm width
  • Cut rolls and cross-wound spools with one- or two-sided finger lift
  • Single or multiple slit release liner
Private Label Design

Our tapes are available in addition to neutral, non-printed versions also in private label design.

Adhesive tape with individual print

You can for example select custom print for carrier materials, tape cores and cardboard packaging and get custom products to your own brand.
More about Private Label

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