Tapes & Adhesive Coatings:
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Tapes & Adhesive Coatings

3F manufactures a variety of adhesive tapes, which are used in various areas of application. Many of our products are universally applicable and adhere excellently on different surfaces.
Furthermore, we have the ability to apply pressure sensitive adhesive to customer-specific materials for contract work and toll coating; offering comprehensive services in the areas of coating and laminating. read more

Full Surface Film Tape with nature brown release liner
Icon Double-Sided Tapes

Double Sided Tapes, Transfer Tapes

Tape products for numerous applications. Different product groups, ranked by carriers.
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Icon Foam Tapes

Foam Tapes, Self-adhesive Foams

Tapes with different foam carriers, i.e. polyethylene (PE). Single and double coated.
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Icon Adhesive Coatings

Contract Work Adhesive Coatings

Contract coating and laminating of various materials, for example nonwovens or aluminum composites.
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