Adhesive Coatings
in contract manufacturing.

Custom Adhesive Coating

For many of our business partners, we make custom coating and lamination of various materials; for example, nonwovens or aluminum composites.
This also includes nonwovens for sound absorption, which are self-adhesive for use in the automotive and wind turbine construction, building construction, or aviation.
To ensure a quick and easy material processing, even after the self-adhesive finishing, we offer the special technique of zone coating. The “dry zone” areas of the web act as numerous and easily available grip tabs, so that the release liner can be removed quickly and without problems, even in very soft materials.
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Non-woven material with adhesive coating

Our options in contact coatings & laminations:

  • Full-surface coatings with various pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Adhesive coatings with additional sub-carriers, for example scrim or fabric
  • Zone coatings for improved processing characteristics
  • Material laminations with additional sub-carriers, for example scrim or fabric
  • Lamination with low adhesion, removable pressure sensitive adhesives
Zone Coating of non-woven materials

Standard coatings of various materials

  • Full-surface adhesive coatings on nonwovens, fabrics, films and other materials
  • Partial adhesive coatings, for example, adhesive strip on the material border
  • Converting of coated materials, further processing to e. g. cut rolls

Zone coating of nonwovens

  • Zone coating with different intervals of the tape strips
  • Converting of coated materials, processing to e. g. cut rolls
Laminating of non-woven and fabric

Lamination of various materials

  • Full-surface adhesive coatings with subsequent material composites
  • Converting of laminated materials, processing to e. g. cut rolls

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Various pressure sensitive adhesives in different weights
  • Multiple release liners options
  • Full-surface and partial coatings in various widths
  • Zone coatings for soft nonwovens
  • Removable adhesives for ease of release and reduced residue
  • Laminations in different widths
  • Optional converting of composite materials to cut rolls

Available Dimensions

  • Log rolls (mind. 1.000 mm breit) in different lengths
  • Cut roll in various widths and lengths
  • Other dimensions on request
Various contract coated Tapes

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