Double-sided Adhesive Tapes,
Transfer Tapes

Double-Sided Tape

Our wide range of self-formulated adhesives, various backing materials, and release liners utilize a versatile modular system that can design many tape products for numerous applications.
Double-sided 3F adhesive tapes are used for temporary and permanent applications, low and high temperatures, indoor and outdoor areas, and on polar and non-polar surfaces.
On the following pages we will show you some common products that serve as an example of the many possible combinations of our modular product system. When selecting or compiling the ideal adhesive tapes for your applications, our sales team will guide you through all of the options.
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Transfer tapes and double sided tapes at a glance:

Without carrier:

Transfer Tape with Acrylic Adhesive

Transfer Tape with acrylate adhesive

Polyacrylate adhesive tape for bonding and lamination of various materials.
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Transfer Tape with Hotmelt Adhesive

Transfer Tape with hotmelt adhesive

Universal tape with strong initial and final adhesion on polar and non-polar surfaces.
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With rayon fabric carrier:

Double-sided, permanently adhesive Rayon Fabric Tape

Double-sided, permanent adhesive Rayon Tape

Various pressure sensitive adhesives can be selected, suitable for bonding of various polar materials.
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Double-sided, low tack Fabric Tape

Double-sided, removable adhesive Rayon Tape

Robust rayon fabric carrier, pressure sensitive adhesive that can be removed cleanly with minimal residue.
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Very high tack Rayon Tape

Aggressively bonding Rayon Tape

Synthetic rubber tape with very high adhesive strength, ideal for permanent fixing and mounting.
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With film carrier:

Double-Sided Film Tape with Acrylic Adhesive

Double-sided Film Tape with acrylate adhesive

Adhesive tape with a thin, transparent film carrier. Also with two different adhesives available.
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Double-Sided Film Tape with Hotmelt Adhesive

Double-sided film tape with hotmelt adhesive

Tape with white film carrier and very strong adhesive system.
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With scrim:

Adhesive Tape, Scrim Reinforced, Paper Release Liner

Tape with scrim and paper release liner

Universal adhesive tape, available with various pressure-sensitive adhesives and release liners.
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Adhesive Tape with diagonal scrim and red PP liner

Adhesive tape with diagonal scrim and colored PP-liner

Adhesive film with diagonal scrim and easily applied polypropylene release liner.
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Tape, scrim reinforced for rough und structured surfaces

Scrim tape for rough and structured surfaces

Adhesive film with high thickness and good adhesion to many different materials.
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Hotmelt Tape, reinforced with rectangular scrim

Hotmelt adhesive tape with rectangular scrim

Universal adhesive tape with strong initial and final adhesion and stabilizing scrim.
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With tissue paper carrier:

Double-Sided Tissue Paper Tape with Acrylic Adhesive

Double-side Adhesive Tissue Tape with acrylic adhesive non-woven tissue carrier

Thin tissue paper carrier, tearable by hand. Often used in paper industry.
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Double-Sided Tissue Paper Tape with Hotmelt Adhesive

Double-side Adhesive Tissue Tape with hotmelt adhesive non-woven tissue carrier

Very strong adhesive on both sides, suitable for low-energy surfaces.
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