Special Tape Solutions:
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Tape Solutions

3F offers a variety of proven tape solutions for various applications. Our experience and expertise as well as our state of the art proprietary in-house development enables us to offer specialized adhesive systems for most any technical or industrial application.
There are many other areas where our tapes are successfully used. Most of the tapes have universal properties and are suitable for a wide range of applications. read more

Self-adhesive laminating of base boards
Icon Carpet Tapes

Floor coverings and carpets

Adhesive tapes for temporary and permanent bonding of floor coverings and carpets. For trade shows, interiors, platforms, baseboards etc.
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Icon Sealing Tapes

Airtightness of buildings, energetic sealing of steep roofs

Adhesive tapes and self-adhesive supplementary products for bonding vapor barriers, underlayment substrates, facade membranes etc.
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Icon Mirror Mounting Tape

Mounting of mirrors, profiles and other items

Foam tapes and transfer tapes for mounting mirrors, wall hooks, cable ducts, plastic profiles, decorative strips and many other objects and materials.
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