Private Label Design:
Individual tapes and packaging.

Private Label Tapes

3F has many years of experience designing and manufacturing our RoofTalent® tapes, self-adhesive sealants, sprayable primers, as well as their respective product packaging with clients' individual trademarks.
Our experience in this area helps new customers quickly and easily bring to market tape products with their own brand design.
Tapes, for example, with one-side adhesive carrier materials, and cores can be printed. Additionally, individual packaging or boxes can be designed and produced. With our private label service, you'll be 100% ready to bring to market products with your own branded designs.
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Printed Tape Cores
Printed Tape Carrier Materials

Custom carrier materials

Free design options of the print image. In addition, the carrier color can be adjusted.

Printed Tape Cores

Custom cores

Brand design on tape cores. Also available for all other 3F adhesive tapes.

Individual Packaging of Adhesive Tapes

Individual packaging

In each roll packaging you have options for form and print. Also possible in film-wrapped rolls of tape.

Printed Tape Cardboard Packaging

Custom cardboards

In RoofTalent® Tapes, but also all other 3F products it is possible to obtain full surface printed cardboard boxes and therefore to offer all the packaging in the design of their own trademark.

Primer Spray Can and Cartridge with your logo

Cans and cartridges with your logo

Labels of primer aerosols, as well as direct printing of cartridges or tubular bags for sealing compounds.