Flexible Vapor Barrier Tape:
Airtight bonding of penetrations.

Vapor Barrier Tape, green

The vapor barrier tape with green PE-film carrier has been engineered for the airtight connection of penetrations in vapor barriers. It is perfect for the steep roof interior.
The key performance characteristics are the high-performance adhesive system, as well as the flexible film carrier. The PE film is ideally suited for round penetrations of pipes or cables. In addition to the carrier film, the strong adhesive performs an important sealing function and adheres very well; even to low-energy surfaces (e.g. plastic pipes).
Therefore this flexible vapor barrier tape ensures, even at penetrations of plastic sheets, the required airtightness. It is one of the most asked for products in steep roof interior applications.
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Flexible Vapor Barrier Tape | printed Flexible Vapor Barrier Tape | neutral

Vapor Barrier Tape with flexible film carrier | 98610//RT

Product features:

  • High performance adhesive with very high initial and final adhesion, and high aging resistance
  • Flexible and stretchable carrier film, neutral or printed available
  • Polyester scrim for stabilizing
  • Perfect for penetrations and other connections that require a flexible bonding
  • Standard roll size: 60 mm x 25 m; further dimensions available
  • Available with single or multiple slit liner and one or two sided fingerlift
Sealing of a pipe penetration by Vapor Barrier Tape

Sample application:

Sealing of vapor barrier penetrations in steep roof interior applications. The seal is bonded completely airtight by the flexible vapor barrier tape. In addition to the flexible carrier film, the adhesive itself contributes to the vapor seal of the penetration.

Icon DIN 4108/11

Complies with the strict requirements for the permanent bonding of airtight layers according to DIN 4108/11

Icon DIN EN 13501/1

Fire performance classification according to DIN EN 13501/1: Class E

Flexible vapour barrier tape, tearable by hand

Also available as EasyTear version: 98610/E/RT

  • Special carrier film with increased UV resistance
  • Both-sided serrated edge; the carrier film can be easily be torn by hand
  • The use of knives or tear-off tools is no longer necessary

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