Robust PP Spunbond Tape:
Securely bonding of insulation sheeting.

PP Spunbond Tape for insulation sheeting

Ideal for underlayments made of spunbond polypropylene. 98621//RT utilizes the same PP spunbond film carrier and incorporates a powerful polyacrylate adhesive system. Because of its stability, it is easily applied over long, overlapping webs.
The carrier material's gridded surface structure in addition to the roof membrane itself, provide an anti-slip surface. Rain water runs off due to the natural channels created by the gridded surface.
Another advantage: the spunbond tape can be plastered over and also be used for connection to stonework, for example.
Resistance to heat and extreme climatic changes make this tape a robust sealing product for steep roof exteriors.
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Spunbond Tape for roofing membranes | printed Spunbond Tape for roofing membranes | neutral

PP Spunbond Tape for roof membranes | 98621//RT

Product features:

  • High performance adhesive with very high initial and final adhesion, high aging resistance
  • Carrier made of polypropylene spunbond (SBPP), neutral or printed available
  • Slip-resistant and can be plastered over
  • High resistance to changing climatic conditions and heat
  • Preferably used for overlapping roof membranes with PP-spunbond surface
  • Standard roll size: 60 mm x 25 m; further dimensions available
  • Also available with slits in the release liner
Bonding of overlapping roofing membranes by Spunbond Tape

Sample application:

Overlapping roof membranes made of PP-spunbond are connected via windproof PP-Spunbond tape. The anti-slip surface is not interrupted by the robust tape. The relatively rigid non-woven backing is easily applied over long distances in roofing applications.

Icon DIN 4108/11

Complies with the strict requirements for the permanent bonding of airtight layers according to DIN 4108/11

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