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Mounting Tape, Mirror Adhesive Tape

3F PowerMount is a high quality mounting tape and ideally suited for safe mounting of mirrors. It can be applied on almost all smooth and finely textured surfaces.
The carrier, made of PE foam, is coated on both sides with a particularly strong pressure sensitive adhesive made of synthetic rubber. Thanks to its cohesive properties it provides enormous internal stability and can withstand heavy weight loads.
PowerMount been tested and approved as mirror adhesive tape. It is used in the production of bedroom, wardrobes, sanitary or household furniture and guarantees a durable adhesion for bonded mirror elements. It can be used on customary mirror coatings and adhered to various low-energy surfaces.
In addition to use as mirror adhesive tape; PowerMount is used for the bonding of plastic profiles, cable ducts or wall hooks. As a versatile, multifaceted mounting tape it provides superior results. Like other 3F adhesive tapes PowerMount is available in various sizes. The standard version is made with a PE foam thickness of 1 mm and a width of 19 mm or 25 mm. The length is 66 m. Other sizes are available upon request. PowerMount is also manufactured for industrial processing as a long roll or cross-wound spool – each tailored for your application.
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Double-Sided Mirror Mounting Tape in cross-wound format, release liner blue Double-Sided Mirror Mounting Tape in cross-wound format, release liner white

Double-sided Mirror Mounting Tape | 37000/0/Mount

Product features:

  • Carrier system of white PE foam, 1 mm thickness
  • Very good adhesion to standard mirror finishes
  • Ideal for low-energy surfaces
  • Certified as mirror mounting adhesive tape
  • Heat resistant up to +75 °C (+167 °F)
  • Standard cut roll format: 19 mm x 66 m or 25 mm x 66 m; many other dimensions available
  • Also available as a cross-wound spool up to 1,000 m or long roll up to 200 m
Bonding of mirror elements

Sample application:

Bonding of mirror elements. Due to the vertically applied adhesive tape strips, their high shear resistance can have an ideal effect.

Icon TÜV tested Tape

PowerMount has been tested and approved for use as mirror mounting adhesive tape.

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