Carpet Tape, extra strong:
Permanent bonding of floorings.

Carpet Tape, permanent adhesive

For challenging carpet bonding applications, rayon fabric tapes with aggressive hotmelt adhesives are used. They ensure immediate adhesion and a very strong ultimate bond.
Aggressive hotmelt adhesive is also suitable to supplement the bond of floor coverings that are mechanically fixed.
If you require resistance to plasticizers and aging, or low-odor adhesive compounds, you should consider 3F high-adhesion acrylic adhesive systems.
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Fabric Tape, very high tack

Double-Sided Carpet Tape, extremely strong adhesive | 22018//FT

Product features:

  • Hotmelt adhesive with very high initial and final adhesion
  • Easy handling with robust rayon fabric carrier and silicone-coated paper release liner
  • Ideal as a fixing aid for mechanical fasteners
  • Also available in log rolls, for bonding large surfaces
Sample Application Fabric Tape, aggressive self-adhesive

Sample application:

Full-surface, permanent bonding of floor coverings. The fine-mesh fabric adapts itself to low unevenness.

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