Carpet Tape, removable:
Temporary bonding of floorings.

Carpet Tape, removable

Removable carpet tapes are perfect for temporary applications – for example at exhibitions or stage events where floor coverings are to adhere only a few hours or days.
However, the stress load on the floor covering can be very high, and combined with a short bonding period, special requirements are placed on the pressure sensitive adhesives used. On the one hand, they have to reliably perform their function to bond the surfaces despite the stresses, and on the other hand they need to be removed without residue when the floor covering is uninstalled.
3F carpet tapes have continuously proven themselves in practical applications. Pressure sensitive adhesives should not be used on high quality sealed stone and parquet flooring as glued areas can visually change.
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Fabric Tape, removable

Double-Sided Carpet Tape, both sides removable | 12118//FT

Product features:

  • Low tack acrylate adhesive
  • Removes residue free from most commercially available surfaces
  • Easy handling with robust rayon fabric carrier and silicone-coated paper release liner
  • High aging resistance
  • Also available as log rolls, for bonding large surfaces
Sample Application Fabric Tape, removable

Sample application:

Full-surface low tack and removable bonding of floor coverings. The fine-mesh fabric adapts itself to low unevenness.

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