Flooring Mesh, low tack adhesion:
All-over bonding of floor coverings.

Flooring Mesh, removable

Fiberglass Flooring Mesh is particularly easy to handle, as the strong and open mesh fabric does not wrinkle. Even large floor areas can be designed quickly and easily.
Flooring Mesh is used in a width of 1,000 mm and has been specially designed for temporary, large-scale applications. It may also serve to lower side slip resistance of floor coverings.
One of the most important applications is the trade fair construction. During the events, the glass fiber mesh can be used for virtually all floor coverings as a base. Then it can be removed easily, both from the bottom surface and the flooring itself.
Our scrim is covered on one side with a silicone-coated, transparent film that can be easily removed from the low bond adhesive.
High-quality, sealed stone and parquet floors should not be adhered to, as the bonded areas can visually change.
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Flooring Mesh, removable

Flooring Mesh, low tack adhesive | 00040//FT

Product features:

  • Low tack adhesive
  • Solid fiberglass scrim
  • With fitting-friendly, transparent film release liner
  • Removable on standard surfaces
  • Ideal for temporary applications and fast, full-surface floor laying
  • 1,000 mm standard width
Sample Application Flooring Mesh, removable

Sample application:

Full-surface low tack and removable bonding of floor coverings. The fine-mesh fabric adapts itself to low unevenness.

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