Carpet Tape, one-side removable
Bonding and removing of floorings.

Carpet Tape Film, one-side removable

Carpet tapes with PET film carriers have the advantage of two pressure sensitive adhesive sides that are clearly separated. They are therefore ideal as differentiated adhesive tape products with two different adhesive sides, aggressive and low tack.
In addition, the PET film provides excellent anchorage of the adhesives, so that the low-adhesion side is removable without residue from most substrates.
Common applications for carpet tapes with film carrier are temporary applications in trade fairs, as well as entertainment events.
High-quality, sealed stone and parquet floors should not be adhered to, as the bonded areas can visually change.
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Film Tape, single-sided removable

Double-sided carpet tape, strong/weak adhesive | 13115//FT21

Product features:

  • Two adhesive systems, one-side aggressive / one side low tack
  • One-side removable on standard surfaces
  • Clear separation of the adhesives by PET film carrier
  • Easy to process
  • Perfect as temporary tape for trade fairs and other events
  • Also available as log rolls, for bonding large surfaces
Sample Application Flooring Tape, high/low tack

Sample application:

Bonding on the flooring edge for short-term applications. The carpet can be removed after its use.

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