Foam Sealing Tape:
Waterproof roof batten mounting.

Foam Sealing Tape

The 3F foam sealing tape consists of anthracite-colored, closed-cell polyethylene foam. It is used for sealing of penetrations between roof membrane and counter battens.
Prevents moisture from penetrating the insulating layer along the penetrations.
The adhesive tape is laminated on one side with a silicone-coated film and has no additional release liner – so it can be processed very quickly and easily.
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Foam Sealing Tape for steep roofs

PE-Foam Sealing Tape | 35000//RT

Product features:

  • Closed-cell PE foam laminated with silicone-coated film, without release liner
  • Adhesive with excellent initial tack
  • Rapid processing possible because no release liner must be removed
  • High condensation water resistance
  • Standard roll size: 50 mm x 30 m; Additional sizes available
Sealing of nail penetrations by Nail Sealing Tape for pitched roofs

Sample application:

Foam sealing tape between underlayment and counter battens. The penetrations are sealed by the closed cell polyethylene foam tape, so that no moisture can penetrate into the insulation.

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