Self-Adhesive Sealing Profile:
Airtight connecting of roofing membranes.

Sealing profile on roll

Sealing Stripe is a self-adhesive sealing profile and the ideal complement to self-adhesive sealing compounds. It was developed for surfaces with slightly lower roughness and can be processed as roll goods quickly and easily.
Sealing Stripe achieves a secure bond strength required for moisture-free surfaces after only a few hours, no further drying period required. The profile core remains permanently elastic, flexible, and responsive to conventional, low component movements.
The ease of processing is simplified by the two-sided fingerlift. The profile itself is stabilized by a scrim.
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Self-Adhesive Sealing Profile

Self-Adhesive Sealing Profile "SealingStripe" | 11000//RT

Product features:

  • High performance adhesive with very high initial and final adhesion, and excellent aging resistance
  • Stabilizing polyester scrim
  • Ideal for connecting plastic membranes to massive components with low surface roughness
  • Compared to sealing compounds, an easy to process adhesive profile roll
  • No drying time, processing even at low temperatures possible
  • Permanently elastic profile core
  • Standard roll size: 10 mm x 15 m; two-sided fingerlift of 5 mm
Connection of a vapor barrier to masonry by self-adhesive Sealing Profile

Sample application:

Connection to a vapor control layer of solid masonry with low roughness. Total bond strength between the joined surfaces is reached after a period of a few hours.

Icon DIN 4108/11

Complies with the strict requirements for the permanent bonding of airtight layers according to DIN 4108/11

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